Vanessa Lust – Hey Bartender!

Hey Bartender!

Hey Bartender!

Vanessa works as a bartender in South Beach; party central for athletes, celebrities and beautiful people from around the world. One night, while pouring shots for the wasted elite, she served a young girl who looked to be paying for her entire group of friends. “I asked her what she did for a living that allowed her to drop a thousand dollars on a tab without batting an eye,” Vanessa told us. “She leaned in and told me that she does porn. We got to talking, and she gave me your recruiter’s phone number. I never thought I’d be doing porn, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I mean I’m practically naked at work because it gets me attention and more tips. I might as well shoot some pictures and enjoy the attention!”

“I love going to the beach and hanging with friends,” Vanessa let us know. “I like going to strip clubs in Miami, or shooting out to the Everglades for some outdoor adventures. I’m an outdoors girl, for sure. But I’m not a butch or a tomboy. I’m still feminine. I like to wear short skirts and dresses. They make it easier to fuck! I can just hike them up, pull my panties to the side and get that cock inside me!”

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Madeline – Photographer’s ASS-istant

Photographer’s ASS-istant

Photographer's ASS-istant

“Okay, so I’m not sure you guys are going to publish my pictures,” is how the beautiful Madeline began her email to us. “My boyfriend is a pro photographer and I know you guys use amateurs only. I am, but he’s not. Is that confusing? I don’t know. I just know that I want everybody to see his beautiful pictures of me and if anybody wants to hire him, they can contact Naughtymag and you guys can set it up, right? He needs the extra business.”

“My guy and I have been together for five years now, and I’ve always helped him out with his photography business. He was doing really well shooting weddings and bar mitzvahs, but a couple of months ago a bride walked in on me blowing him in the coat-check while he was supposed to be shooting the dancing. I totally get why she freaked, but her negative comments online totally tanked his business. He depended on word-of-mouth advertising, too. Now he’s hoping to start a budoir photo studio. I guess I’m his first client. We’re hoping that this will be a fresh start for the both of us.”

“We’ve taken really kinky photos together before. In fact, we’ve posted some on certain online communities, but we always wore masks or had big, thick sunglasses and hats on. We want to protect our identities when it comes to the really raunchy stuff. You know, like him fucking my ass while I’m blowing another guy. That’s the kind of stuff that could really stick with you down the road. But this is different. It’s like art! We’ll probably only shoot single women for a little while to establish our “classy” reputation in the community. Later on, though, I can see us shooting couples having sex or even some light bondage stuff.”

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Barbie Bree – Fantasy Fuck

Fantasy Fuck

Fantasy Fuck

When Paige, 18, asked us if she and her friend, Barbie, also 18, could do a foursome with SCORE Group studs, we were delighted. Quick stats for those who like them. Paige (fair complexion): 5’3″, 105 pounds, wears 32A bras and likes sexy, cotton panties. Her birthday is July 10. Barbie: 5’3″, weighs 98 pounds, wears 32A bras and prefers thongs. Her birthday is August 1. “We had my car in the SCORE Group garage because it was playing up and the guys were trying to figure out what the problem was,” said Paige. “We all decided that we could have our fun by the car. It was awesome to get naked and get it on with my BFF and two big-dicked guys.”

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Kaylee Jewel – Carnival Cutie

Carnival Cutie

Carnival Cutie

Lives: West Virginia
Occupation: Carnival employee
Age: 21
Born: January 23
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 99 pounds
Bras: 34B
Panties: Booty shorts
Anal: I’m still new to it, but I’m enjoying it!
BJs: Swallow
Masturbate: Every day!

When Kaylee told us that she works as a Carnival employee, we thought that she meant Carnival cruise line. We didn’t realize that she meant that she works at a “Tilt-a-whirl” and “cotton-candy” carnival.
“My kinkiest sexual encounter was probably in one of the carnival rides,” she told us. “It was one of the gravity rides that spins really fast. I was staying late, walking the grounds with one of my coworkers. For some reason I was really horny that night, so I grabbed the guy and we snuck in there for some action. I wanted to give him a blowjob, so I dropped to my knees. I was still inexperienced at the time, so I was nervous. He actually started fucking my face, so I went with it. That was the first time I deepthroated and got that drooly, wet blowjob spit going on. I swallowed his load, then we fucked for, like, 45 minutes before a manager started banging on the side of the ride because we were missing for so long.”
Kaylee also told us that she’s into BDSM, loves swallowing cum, likes horseback riding in her downtime and that she used to dance ballet in high school.

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Kasey Warner – The Sex Tutor with Kasey Warner

The Sex Tutor with Kasey Warner

Kasey is a bit of a brat and needs to be taught a lesson. And who better to put her in her place than Sasha? Our MILF tutor pulls her ponytail and asks her if she’s ever sucked cock. Kasey says yes, but Sasha wants to see for herself. Kasey demonstrates, switching off from one cock to the other, sucking deep and making lots of sloppy noises. “Small mouth but a deep throat,” Sasha says. The scene escalates into a four-way where both gals are getting their pussies plowed. Sasha spreads Kasey’s ass cheeks as she’s getting fucked from behind and spits on the cock for extra lubrication. Both girls ride their way to a creamy, cum-soaked ending, and it’s quite clear that Kasey has learned her lesson.

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Jennifer Matthews – The Sex Tutor with Jennifer Matthews

The Sex Tutor with Jennifer Matthews

It’s time for sex tutor Sasha Sean to turn out yet another inexperienced teen. This time around, Sasha is sharing a big cock with tenderoni Jennifer Matthews. The MILF shows Jennifer how to suck cock, pushing Jenn’s head down on JMac’s massive prick until she chokes. Then the two elders cradle the teen in their arms as JMac plows her pussy. Sasha and Jennifer take turns riding cock and licking pussy, and in the end JMac blows his load all over Sasha’s crack. Jennifer laps up his jizz out of Sasha’s pussy and ass and the two sluts share a salty, gooey kiss.

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Maddy Rose – The Sex Tutor with Maddy Rose

The Sex Tutor with Maddy Rose

Maddy isn’t very experienced in the ways of sex, but that’s what Sasha is here for. During their tutoring lesson, Maddy admits that she’s distracted because her boyfriend wants to have sex with her. So Ms. Sasha gives Maddy a BJ lesson with a banana. That turns up the heat, and Sasha can’t keep her hands or lips off Maddy. Now that Maddy has learned how to suck cock, she is going to learn how to cum hard at the hands of a sexy, older, experienced woman. The MILF gives the teen lots of instructions, then licks and fingers Maddy’s super-pink pussy on top of the kitchen counter. She coaxes an orgasm out of Maddy with a furious finger-fucking that could rival the pounding of any cock! Maddy has to return the favor and licks Sasha’s mature clit. At the end, they have a sloppy makeout session so the pussy juices on their lips can mix and mingle.

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